Hello and after a mad few weeks I am back. Things have really taken off with the business and my idea of growing the business slowly have kind of taken a back seat! Hey at least I love my job! I wanted to do a separate blog to show you how easy it is to make a skirt from a pair of jeans. This skirt was for my daughter and we made it together as you can see. She didn’t like the big flares on the bottom of the jeans so we decided to cut them off! I hope you like the result.

ipad feb 2014 007 ipad feb 2014 009

So firstly we cut off the legs of the jeans quite high up so it ended up looking like a mini skirt. Then we cut a large rectangle of fabric. We basically used the width of the fabric that we had, and to give a nice finish I overlocked both edges (which is why Annelies didn’t make it all by herself as the overlocker is too dangerous with the blade).

ipad feb 2014 042

Then we sewed two parallel lines of stiches as shown, making sure we used our longest straight stitch and didn’t do any reverse stitching at the beginning and the end so that we could pull the thread to gather our stitches. Again Annelies needed help with the gathering as it was quite a large rectangle (now a hoop), and I was afraid she would snap the gathering threads. Once the gathering was exactly the same width as the bottom of our denim section we pinned it in place.

ipad feb 2014 044 ipad feb 2014 045

We then sewed a straight line down the middle of our two rows of parallel stitches. This holds the gathering in place and secures the fabric to the denim. After it was attached, we removed our pins, and unpicked our long gathering stitches and this is the result. I hope you like it as much as we do!

ipad feb 2014 046 ipad feb 2014 047 ipad feb 2014 053I would love to hear from you, please email me if you make one and please send me a photo to saskia@dottybobbin.co.uk


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