Cloth Face Masks - All Designs £7 each

Postage £1:15 on all orders

All measurements are approximate as these items are cut by hand.

Some masks are made with elastic ties, which can be tied behind the ear or behind the head and then cut to size.


  • Most adults choose this size, It has good face coverage.
  • Measurements are as follows:
    • The fabric measurement from side to side without the elastic is approximately 22cm.
    • The fabric measurement from the top to the bottom (nose area to under chin area) of the mask is approximately 16.5cm.


  • Some children also choose this size, but they choose the ties so they can adjust it.
  • Generally fits older children, teenagers and some small adults. The most important measurement is from over the nose to under the chin to make sure that it fits ok as the elastic ties will ensure a comfortable fit on the width.
  • The fabric width of the mask from side to side without the elastic is approximately 22cm.
  • The fabric measurement from the top to the bottom of the mask is approximately 15cm.


  • I cannot take responsibility for children wearing masks.
  • Please do not put them on a child under 2 years old or any age where the child is unable to remove it themselves.
  • The child must also be able to understand the purpose of the mask so that they don’t risk further contamination through incorrect use (taking it on and off, sharing it with friends, touching it all the time with unwashed hands etc).
  • The masks I make measure 16.5 cm from side to side without the elastic ties and 10.5cm from top to bottom. They sit under the chin and over the nose.


  • Made to order
  • Has a clear panel giving clear sight of the wearers lips
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Almost all the masks are 100% cotton. I advise to hand wash only as there are so many varieties of colours, different strength elastics and different cottons that I am using. I cannot be held responsible for shrinkage or any problems arising from machine washing.

Please ensure that the pointed ends cover the nose for the best fit, don’t put them on upside down.

They do not contain filters, I find that more than two layers is too difficult to breathe through however you can if you wish put a filter next to your skin before the mask goes on.

If you wear a hearing aid, I suggest that the elastic ties are a better solution as they can be tied behind the head of instead of behind the ear.

These are NOT medical grade masks and have not been tested against any viruses.

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