Bambino Blog 9th January 2014


Hello my name is Annelies. I am 7 years old and I love sewing. My favourite thing to sew is dolls clothes. I have got lots of ideas to sew and share which is why I am doing a blog. Today I am going to give you an idea to get you started on your machine. sausage-cushionFrom those old trousers you can make a sausage cushion that looks a bit like a sweety. I have attached a photo for you. You cut the leg off some old jeans, pin and sew some lace onto each end and tie the ends with some ribbon like a sweety. In the picture I have embroidered my name in a running stitch in different coloured threads.

Annelies x



Hello, my name is Sam and I am 9 years old and I’m blogging to you about sewing. I started sewing on a machine about two years ago with my mum. First I learnt to zigzag squares before sewing the squares together. Then I started sewing pencil cases, Christmas stockings etc.

Last week my mum gave me a sewing machine to put in my room that she got from Freecycle. She paid for a new engine and now it’s as good as new.sam1

A few days ago I made a waistcoat from guess what…? AN OLD CURTAIN AND A FLEECE BLANKET!!! I’m wearing it in the picture. It took me about four hours to make. Each week starting now I will give you a top tip. This week’s top tip is: fleece is good for beginners sewing because it doesn’t fray and it is a bit stretchy so if your cutting is not perfect you can stretch it to fit! Another tip is to download patterns from Etsy or Pinterest. They are cheaper than buying in the shops and you can use them again and again. Sometimes you can get free ones on Pinterest!

Happy Sewing Sam x