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Archive for March 2014

Bambino Bobbin Hair Scrunchie Blog

Hello,  my name is Annelies and I am going to show you how to make a hair scrunchie (well I am making two at the same time). Firstly we measure out our fabric. I used the measurements shown above which are: 13cm wide by 50cm. After you have measured it you need to cut it…

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Upcycling skirt from old jeans

Hello and after a mad few weeks I am back. Things have really taken off with the business and my idea of growing the business slowly have kind of taken a back seat! Hey at least I love my job! I wanted to do a separate blog to show you how easy it is to…

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1st March 2014

Rosie, one of my loyal Wednesday morning students is creating a beautiful quilted blanket for her mother. She is blessed with two sets of twins and here are the beginnings of four of her squares to go on her quilt, each taken from the actual hand print of one of her children. Once she has…

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