1st March 2014

Rosie, one of my loyal Wednesday morning students is creating a beautiful quilted blanket for her mother. She is blessed with two sets of twins and here are the beginnings of four of her squares to go on her quilt, each taken from the actual hand print of one of her children.

IMG_2929 IMG_2930 IMG_2931 IMG_2932

Once she has finished the quilt I will show you the results. Meanwhile Sharon from the same class has been also creating a quilt which requires 260 squares. Every third square she is making an applique creation, from butterflies and hearts and pieces of fabric from special items from when her twins were younger. Her quilt will be covering two lovely retro sleeping bags! Yes Sharon and Rosie did meet through their twins!

ipad feb 2014 070 ipad feb 2014 013

On the theme of applique we have been learning in the childrens class as well as my adult classes some of the different methods of applique. Here is a picture of Libby, having appliqued this fabulous stiff sparkly fabric onto her sisters denim shorts. It only took her about 5 minutes each and they look amazing!

In the last 3 weeks my new Wednesday evening class has grown from 1 person to 5 people. We have fun sewing from 8-10 in the evening once the kiddies are in bed (not always sleeping!), the fire is usually on and we have lots of tea and coffee and good company learning to sew. So far we have been learning the basics of our machines, zipper insertion, making oilcloth box bottom bags, gathering and two applique stitches. Over the next few weeks some of them will be making dressing gowns like this one I made for Annelies (with matching ones for the bear of course), and messenger bags.

ipad feb 2014 012 ipad feb 2014 036

Dont forget to read Bambino Bobbins blog, where Annelies has posted a blog on how to make a beautiful peg bag from babies clothes in 10 minutes.

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