This week things have been moving along at a fast pace with the website. We are ready to go live in a week or so, and Stuart from SVS Web Design is busy pulling together all the items for my shop and putting the finishing touches to the site. I hope you all enjoy it! Please let me know what you think. Also if there is anything in particular you would like me to feature then let me know.

School Sewing Club starts again this week after Christmas break and we shall be making aprons from T-towels. Annelies will update you on her blog as to how they get along and how to make these if you wish to make one at home yourself.

blog-15-1-img1This image is taken from Theresa Sherman on Pinterest, you can see this on my Pinterest link.

I am embarking on lots of new projects myself. Firstly I have finished my roman blinds! I have attached a picture. I purchased the blind kits from Amazon, although not cheap they were worth it as I don’t have to use cleats to hold them up. Lots of measuring and re-measuring but I am happy with the results. Much cheaper and more satisfactory than getting a shop to make them up and I have lined them and made them so that I can take them apart to wash them occasionally.  And of course it means you can make matching lampshades, t-towels and so on!


There was a fabulous sale on at Return To Glory in Berkhamstead, the Peace Hospice Shop. They were selling off their fabric on the roll for £1 a metre. I purchased  a 46metre roll of Laura Ashley blue and white gingham with daisys on it. It is destined for a pop up gazebo cover for the summer, to kick start my children’s sewing parties!

I also purchased the last of a fabulous bright green wool fabric which I am going to use to create………..hopefully………………the best and most unique Christmas tree for next year. Following a few experiences of my real Christmas trees being almost dead by Christmas day, it was actually my daughters idea to make a fabric full size one. If you look at our Christmas gallery, you will see smaller versions of what I am talking about. Very simple to make but effective. But it will take a mountain of stuffing!

My sewing sudents are coming back to life following a lovely Christmas full of handmade table runners, napkins, trees and stockings. This week Rosie brought in a Hollister mens jacket to remove the hood for her husband which went very successfully. Her husband has an eye for detail!!!! Sharon is working on an amazing quilt which is going to recover some vintage sleeping bags. Today we worked out she will need 260 squares to complete the two sleeping bags! Every other square she is appliqueing a heart or butterfly or sewing pretty things on, so it is a mamouth task but she will end up with a beautiful heirloom!

I finish off this blog by telling you about my student Libby. At age 9 she has found her passion, sewing. I am told by her mother that on her playdates she spends the time with her friends sewing on their machines and making lots of pretty things. I am so pleased. That is the best work satisfaction ever and I think you will see more of her creations on my web site.

blog-15-1-img3  blog-15-1-img4

This is what she has been creating this last week.

Tomorrow I go in for shoulder surgery so I am hoping I can still sew one handed or I will be lost without my machine. Wish me luck….I hope the surgeon is good with a needle and thread!

Dotty Bobbin x