Boys Camouflage Waterproof Poncho

Hello Sam here, with my second blog. This week I have made a waterproof, camouflage poncho. It even doubles up as a waterproof blanket to sit on when you have your picnic.  It is very simple to make, all I used were two identical squares of fabric, one was waterproof, the other was camouflage. I used a plate to draw a circle in the centre of the square for my head. Then with both fabrics good side to good side, I stitched the hole first, then stitched another parallel line along the hole, leaving a gap for elastic. I inserted the elastic with a safety pin. Then I went over the elastic hole with the machine. Then I folded in all the four edges of the square, this time with the fabric the right way around, and tucked the folds inwards so it can’t be seen. Then I did a nice neat top stitch on all four edges of the square. Ta Da! Do you like it? Now, if you want you can try it yourself!   My top sewing tip for this week is: you don’t have to take the pins out when you are sewing. You should use thin dressmakers pins to sew and always pin them in at a 90 degree angle, leaving the pin 1cm out of the fabric.                                 jan14 071                          jan14 070