Baby Clothes Peg Bag

From the charity shop or in the loft ask your Mum for the smallest denim dress or dungarees. You can also use baby suits or whatever you fancy.

denim peg bagstripy peg bag

With the denim dungarees I first stitched up the trouser leg. I found it too difficult to stitch the popper section so I cut it off and I stitched that as well.

denim peg bag 2stripy peg bag 2

denim peg bag 3

Then I put it on a hanger that looks nice with the clothing and then I pinned it and stitched it just below the hanger. I stitched it from the middle to the other side just about to the sleeve area.This is so that the hanger won’t fall off.

denim peg bag 4stipy peg bag 3

With the stripey outfit I stitched the legs the same as the denim outfit. Then I left a gap where the buttons were and just above the top button I inserted a hanger. Once I inserted the hanger I stitched along the first two button holes. If I didn’t stitch it there it might open up when you try to take out a peg and then the hanger would fall off.

This took me 20 minutes to make 2 and I am going to give them to my Auntie and my Nanny.  Let me know how you get on making your own peg bag. Annelies x

denim peg bag 5stripy peg bag 4

My Oma gave me a really good sewing tip to share with you all……….in your sewing box you should always keep some dental floss, as it makes a really good strong thread for repairing denim.

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